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What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a type of concrete manufactured with care and incorporating quality components: white cement, fine aggregates (powders and micro-aggregates) and chips, fragments or pieces of marble or other decorative materials.Terrazzo is recycling the marble fragment, glass rocks, shell, concrete, to mix them and press the materials into big block size by hydraulic pressure, after weeks time it will be sealed and solided. The enviromental friendly products produced through advanced and unique production processes are the company's flagship products. Bending resistance,flexural strength, high surface finish, and low water absorption. Similarly, they have super plastic properties and can be used to make all utensils in life.

Terrazzo Sinks
Custom Terrazzo Bathroom Sinks Basin Factory in China

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Terrazzo stone characteristic

Water Absorption: 1.33%

Bending Strength: 13.1Mpa

Abrasion Resistance:44.2mm

Slip Resistance: BPN ‘Wet’:10

Compressive Strength:Dry:126Mpa Wet:140Mpa

Stain Resistance: Rating: 60Max

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